Every grant proposal submitted to Moretti Ministries is evaluated by our Church Advisory Council. The Council is made of representatives from member churches and organizations, and each request goes through a 4-step process where the project is considered according to criteria established by our Board of Directors.

  • Step 1 is the Gateway to the evaluation process, where the Council determines if the proposal is aligned with current Board directives and priorities.
  • Step 2 is the Data Gathering phase, where the Council works to obtain all the data needed to make a proper evaluation.
  • Step 3 is the Investigative phase, where the Council identifies the relevant questions that must be asked to have full clarity on the proposal, and
  • Step 4 is the Decision phase where the Council discussed the merits of the proposal and chooses whether to recommend a project to the Board for funding.
    As for ministry relationships, collaboration with like-minded ministries is an integral part of our organizational culture, and so we are always looking for churches and parachurch organizations to partner with as we work to accomplish our mission and vision. Ideally, we look for ministry partners who are already giving financial or material support to the projects they bring to us, or if possible, who are even willing to match our support dollar-for-dollar. We believe that this is not only good financial stewardship, but also sound stewardship of our ministry relationships as well.
    The mission of Moretti Ministries is to see God glorified in all the earth through the proclamation and teaching of His Word so that the lost are given the gospel, biblical churches are established and strengthened, and evangelists, pastors, Bible teachers, and missionaries are equipped for service. 
    The vision behind that mission is the fundamental belief that the Word of God, faithfully preached and taught, is the engine that drives all successful ministry, and that the local church is the rightful context for the work of ministry. Our aim is to stay focused on these two basic but essential truths, and then to allow the Lord to bless our efforts as He wills.