Providing High Impact Opportunities with a Global Outreach
The true impact of any ministry effort is only fully and rightly measured by the Lord. However, as good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, we have a responsibility to diligently evaluate project proposals and to carefully prioritize those proposals so that the funds we disburse have the greatest possible kingdom reach.
One measure we use is economic, where we identify project proposals that can achieve a great deal for relatively little funding. Though costs are rising all over the world, great opportunities for low cost/high-impact ministry still exist in many less-industrialized regions. Often, the day-to-day needs of the saints in these areas are more basic and include simple blessings that we can too easily take for granted, such as a safe and secure meeting place where the church can gather in comfort to be taught and equipped for service. In addition, building and labor costs are often lower in these regions as well, as church members are frequently the ones doing the work.
Of course, financial cost is not the only or even the ultimate measure of potential ministry impact. Every day, all over the world, well-trained and well-equipped pastors, teachers, missionaries, and lay people are engaged in the work of fruitful ministry. Frequently, we learn of proposed projects where Christians are already laboring with great success, bringing sound doctrinal instruction to regions where error and false religion abound, or training and discipling those who will then go out and teach others or lead new church plants. And of course, getting reliable translations of the Scriptures into the hands of the saints where it’s not readily available, or ensuring that the true biblical gospel is being preached to the lost, is always a high-impact ministry opportunity.