3One providential evening in the early 1980’s the Lord brought Joseph G. Moretti Jr,  a successful Miami builder, and Bill Lyons, a bi-vocational Baptist pastor, into each other’s lives. Joe asked a question in the Bible study that Bill had been invited to teach, and God used the answer to change Joe’s heart and life, creating a hunger in Joe to know God through the study of His Word, and a burning desire to serve Him with the gifts and resources he had been given. 

Joe and his wife Pat eventually became members of Grapeland Heights Baptist Church where Bill pastored, and they were introduced to the world of missions and missionaries, learning about how the gospel was being spread across the globe, and how important it is for missionaries to have the support of faithful church members. 

In the process of time, the church facility was handed over to the Spanish-speaking congregation which also ministered there, and in 1992 Bill established Grapeland Heights Ministries Inc, a non-profit organization which would enable him and other church members to continue their commitment to the missionaries that the church supported. Between 1992-2014, from a small initial donation of $500, more than $650,000 was distributed in support of missions and missionaries around the world.

In 1999, Bill’s secular employer closed the operation in Miami and offered him employment on Florida’s west coast.  Meanwhile, Joe and Pat joined another Miami church and continued to study the Word and look for opportunities to support missions. Joe wanted to use his giftedness in building to help christian churches with funding the building of worship centers, schools, orphanages, and multi-functional buildings in countries where the assistance would need to come from outside. Joe asked for Bill’s advice on how to get started, so Bill introduced him to Boxley Boggs, a missionary in Haiti for many years who was then an area director for his mission organization. Boxley’s connections enabled Joe and Pat to assist in the building of 9 worship centers between 2000 and 2014.

In 2014, Joe was hospitalized with a life-threatening illness, and believing that his death was imminent, summoned Bill to tell him that he had appointed him as the Trustee of his estate. Bill's task would be to manage Joe's business and continue to use his estate to build buildings for churches in developing nations. Bill renamed Grapeland Heights Ministries Inc in honor of Joe and Pat Moretti's love and faithful support of global missions, and shortly thereafter the Lord took Joe Home.

Today, Moretti Ministries Inc has a 5 member Board that carries on the original mission of Grapeland Heights Ministry as well as the vision of Joe and Pat Moretti by continuing to support the original Grapeland Heights people and projects, and by providing financial assistance to churches in developing countries for the purpose of advancing the gospel and the glory of Jesus Christ. 

Since 2014, Moretti Ministries Inc has facilitated numerous projects around the world. As a parachurch ministry, our vision is to be a "ministry of assistance" to the Church. As such, our goal is to carefully and prayerfully manage that which the Lord has entrusted to us, and engage and enlist believers who are also led by the Lord to partner with us in this "ministry of assistance".